Tournament Schedule 

Throughout the year there are a number of tournaments held nationwide, regionally and locally.  With your instructors permission students may register and participate in any number of these events.  Please see your instructor for further details. 


A complete schedule is available here

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Behavior Improvement Sheet


Some students require a little extra structure and incentive as they progress toward improving behaviors such as showing respect to their parents at home, doing chores, and practicing regularly.  Parents may use this form (click here to download) to track progress and report to instructors which will then be referred to in class and at testing to provide positive feedback to students.  A minimum of two completed sheets are typically necessary to evaluate progress prior to a testing event. 


ATA Merchandise 


ATA offers a variety of merchandise for sale online including weapons, sparring gear, t-shirts and other products.  You can view what they have to offer here - please note however that most purchases must be placed through your instructor and are not available for direct purchase from students or parents.  Thank you.


I will practice in the Spirit of Taekwondo, 
with courtesy for fellow students, 
loyalty for my instructor, 
and respect for my juniors and seniors.

I shall live with perseverance in the Spirit of Taekwondo, 
having honor for others, 
integrity within myself, 
and self-control in my actions.



Contact Us

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Formerly - A Plus Karate 4 Kids - same owner and instructors, just a new business name that reflects our commitment to those of all ages with an interest in martial arts.

"Today not possible, tomorrow possible!"

-Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee